My First blog post

           Hi,my name is Ololade,Lade for 16yrs old,high school graduate.I would love to to study Biochemistry.I love reading,drawing, painting and writing which i  hardly ever do by the way. Am hoping to be able to post twice a week ….am not sure but if so ,it’s going to be on tuesdays and fridays.

            I would be posting my illustrations, how to’s and any other things i could possibly think of but just incase,i would love to tell you that am not an expert in illustrating, so you can always let me know when i make a mistake.


Did not want to delete this picture,it so beautiful.

How i got from good to better(illustrating)


I never stop practicing.When i look back to my old illustrations and i see how much i have improved, i do tell my self that all those time i spent on practicing was worth it. Am not saying one should practice everytime,everyday because i didnt do that.I just spent the little time i have to practice and really concentrate on what i wanted to learn.

These are the first set of illustrations i did when i started illustrating last year december
I know they  are bad 

I couldn’t even get good markers

But after many months of practicing,i was able to do these 

    Then when i knew i could not afford good markers i decided to start drawing on my phone using sketchbook autodesk​

 Am still not an expert at illustrating but it was worth all the time..

     Thanks for reading up to this place.I really appreciate.



Pastel color saga

         I have always had problem wearing bright colored outfit that scream “am here,everyone look at me”  but i also know that i cant keep wearing basic colors everytime,i like switching it up at times.Pastel colors are fun and welcoming when incorporated into an outfits right.

   This are ways to wear pastel colors without looking like a candy or banana..lolzzz

Denim crop jacket over pastel colored dress

 Pastel color With neutral colors​…twinning even make it more fun.

Pastel colors with other pastel colour won’t be a bad idea


too plain????

   what if i don’t like it plain,it won’t hurt to add lace pattern like this​

 There are also other ways to incorporate pastels into your outfit but i think these are still the best methods.​


Fashion illustration Africanprint(ankara)

A single glance at these designs makes me want to wear them and am hoping am not the only one that wants to…

​This is an off shoulder croptop in which the lower part is made with black net with embriodery at the front of the top. The skirt is also made with net and beneath it,is a bumshort.

​This is a africanprint jumpsuit, in a way i might also call it suspenders, paired with  a black net top with a deep v neck  cut.I would totally rock this anywhere…except for church.Not bad,right?

A Blue african print pencil skirt paired with a glittering spagetti strap yellow top would slay…am never good at describing anything,trying my best though.

      Those are some of the illustrations i have been working on…still working. Bye lovelies.
till next week.